Our Mission

  • Education of colleagues

  • Preparation and implementation of surgical procedures, especially middle ear surgery

  •  Transfer of technology providing anesthesiology and monitoring for the patients

  • Transfer of technology such as surgical equipment, microscopes and endoscopes

  • Communication with other international projects and help foundations such as the American-Austrian Foundation (http://www.aaf-online.org)

  • Organisation and support of residencies abroad and in their respective countries

  • Support in the implementation of advanced training courses

  • Intercultural exchange

    In essence, we want all our activities to be rolled out in co-operation with the health care system of the respective country and co-ordinated with the relevant embassies.

    Another aspect of our work is the improvement of medical and technical equipment with regards to the local circumstances. A great example of this is the development of a portable microscope weighing only 11kg and utilising the most modern technology available (LED-light, independence of the electricity network through the possibility of battery operation and compatibility with car batteries). It is manufactured small enough to be transported as a flight case on an aeroplane, meaning this fully-fledged surgical microscope can not only be transported into different countries, but also used in different ways: in the policlinic or the OR, in urban hospitals or rural regions.

    All members and persons engaged in the group work voluntarily.