About Us

Video: The Journey of Friendship: Myanmar - Germany 2010 - 2017

Eagle-ENT consists of a group of doctors, engineers, nurses, journalists and other volunteers who come together with the view of supporting ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine in foreign countries.

Our Mission

- Education of colleagues
- Preparation and implementation of surgical procedures, especially middle ear surgery
- Transfer of technology providing anesthesiology and monitoring for the patients


The group's current activities are focused on Myanmar.

Starting in 2010, a team of ENT doctors and anaesthesiologists travelled to Myanmar and initiated operations and activities at the Yangon ENT hospital.

Future Plans / Reports

Current news in 2021

Resurgence of Violence in Myanmar. We are very saddened that we had to stop our project in Maynmar. After the military gained power in a brutal manner on the first of February 2021, the country is in chaos